Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bush/Kerry Debate II

Man, I've been so busy following all the political stuff on other blogs (that do it much better and more thoroughly than I ever could) that I never got around to posting here. Lotsa good stuff out there, but I'm just gonna address 2 things here:

First item: I saw the debate and it's pretty clear that Bush is out of his fuckin' mind. Is it current drug use? accumulated brain damage from the past? psychosis? effects of anti-psychotic meds? Ritalin? I don't know. But his nervous system is not working normally.

The jaw jut twitch tooth grind was very apparent during the debate. I've really only seen it before on people who were either wired on coke or speed. His weird abnormal eyeblink rate has been freaking me out for a long time now. It really must indicate something wrong with the jelly in his skull. The repetitive speech, stammering, blank stares, and frozen exressions, are all very unsetlling.

Then there were the angry outbursts, and desperate whiney/yelling. I thought he was really melting down there in the first 45 minutes. I thought he had completely lost it.

Also, his complete inability to comprehend ...well any adult concept really, is astounding. You can really see why they don't let him have press conferences and only have sworn supporters at his appearances.

Anyway, thing brings me to the second thing: The Spin.

I couldn't believe the shit I was hearing on TV. That Bush did much better than last time, so therefore it could be considered a win for him or some shit...
That he was strong and persuasive.
What the Fuck did they watch?!?!
He's a fuckin' psychomoron who almost had a fuckin' breakdown on live TV fer Crissake!
Oh, and he's also a spoiled rich prick with ass backwards policies on EVERYTHING!

Really, I shouldn't be surprised though. I expected the media to do this after the first debate, and was pleasantly surprised when they actually said that Kerry won. (I remember the Bush - Gore spin from 2000.) So, here's what I've decided:

The media wants lots of people to watch the debates - and especially post-debate coverage. They know that they've been screwing the Dems all along in the campaign. And they know that the left-leaning public noticed it as well. So, they figured that calling it for Bush after the first debate would immediately make all of us on the left tune it out. By calling the first debate for Kerry they got themselves a little credibility (so that we'd hang around for post-debate coverage for the second debate). By calling the second debate for Bush they did two things: they got the right wing to feel better and hang in there for the third (and also to defuse some of the inevitable "liberal bias" accusations). Also, they now know that now Everybody will be watching the third debate. It's great for their narrative. It's Good TV. - Which means, advertising $$$$.

Oh, and finally, anyone else getting a vibe that we're going to Orange Alert sometime soon?


Blogger Cori said...

You are one of those hot smart guys in nerdy glasses aren't ya? Why don't you post your pict smarty?

9:31 PM  
Blogger R Gumm said...

Someone on MSNBC mentioned your keeping people interesting theory on debate night. They said something to the effect of they want to keep the election close because it bolsters viewership.

9:38 PM  
Blogger dAVE said...

R Gumm -

OK, well, that explains why MSNBC themselves called it for Bush on debate 2. Aha!
Thanks for the observation.

Cori -

Thank you. And thanks for the nude photos - very artistic - and limber .

9:49 PM  

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