Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bush / Kerry Debate 3

Ok, the debate's tomorrow and we all know what has to happen. Bush needs to have a fuckin' complete breakdown on stage in order to be declared a loser by the pundits. The good news is: I think Kerry can do it.

Last night, I was checkin' out Atrios and Daily Kos and Americablog and The Poor Man and a bunch of other places and I saw a lot of advice for Kerry. I found a lot of stuff that I agree with. I'd like to link to all the original sources, but I really don't have the time to go back and find all the sources right now. I'll do it tomorrow at work, so I can make some money while I do it.

Anyway, real quick:

Kerry has to push Bush's buttons and exploit his flaws (his dad, inability to admit mistakes, impatience, anger at being challenged, etc.)

Bush is pretty clearly mentally unstable and suffers from, shall we say, coginitive deficits, so it shouldn't be too hard to goad him into some mistakes. As I read somewhere last night: In a battle between Bush's intellect and emotion, intellect is at a big disadvantage.

Kerry can't worry about coming across as too mean; If he just looks sane next to Bush's crazy, he wins. People won't care about Kerry being mean at that point. They'll just see the President raging like a chimp on PCP and then collapsing on the floor and blubbering, finally being carried off in a catatonic state by a couple of his handlers.

I really believe that if Kerry tries, he can get Bush to say "Motherfucker" on live TV, without raising his voice at all.

That, in itself would close the deal.


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