Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Posts worth reading

Another massively busy week has struck, and so, here's a little interesting reading from other blogs.

The first is from The Talent Show about health care: Sometimes The Grass Really is Greener

The next is from Unscrewing the Inscrutable about the science/antiscience/politics debate. Science and Politics: Smacking Down Bushco? My favorite bit:
There are two reasons why I think science could act as a wedge issue helping those of us who oppose BushCo, and evolution Vs creationism could be the sharp edge of that sword: It's useful, and we don't lose anything.

Young Earthers form the bulk of support for Intelligent Design Creationism, despite the fact that most of the Discovery Institute's top shills will profess being old earthers if you corner them and berate them long enough. Young Earthers deny pretty much every field of natural science. That means geology (Energy), astronomy (Space), biology (Pharmaceutical, biotech, and health care workers), and physics (Defense technology). Yes, BushCo will use them without shame, but the industry captains and senior managers understand quite well that science is their breath of life. Make it a big enough stink so that the Neo-Christain right flips out and starts raving against science, and you force the BushCos to either loudly denounce creationism, or loudly support it. And believe me, they absolutely do not want to do either, because they understand the danger.

Also, Adam Felber at Fanatical Apathy has a couple of good posts about the Schiavo memo and the Schiavo case.

Incompetence Foils Both Sides
Apologies in Advance


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