Monday, March 27, 2006

A Look Back

Well, it has been about ten months since I last posted here, and a lot of stuff that’s been bad for Bush and congressional republicans has happened in that time.
Social Security reform stalled (although the White House did sneak it into their budget)
Medicare Prescription Benefit costs exploded (of course, they lied about how much it was going to cost in the first place, in order to get it through Congress)
Gas prices creeping up (it started happening before the hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast, if you remember)
Harriet Miers’ nomination and withdrawal
Tom Delay’s indictment
Katrina (and Rita and Wilma) – “Heckuva job, Brownie” – And no, nobody thinks Bush caused the weather – but the response (or, rather, lack thereof) was a crime.
High heating costs this winter
Scooter Libby’s indictment
Jack Abramhoff ( Which is, by the way, a wholly Republican scandal, despite the spin) –
Dick Cheney’s drunken shooting accident. (“I had one beer at lunch!” - Suuure! – cops hear that one all the time. – for the record, the conversion is: “not a drop” = 1-3, “one, with food” = 4-8, “a couple” = 9 + up.
Bush’s old buddies from Enron’s trial FINALLY getting going – (we’ll see how that plays out)
Illegal warrantless electronic eavesdropping (and NOW Gonzales asserts that the Congressional authorization of use of force in the war on terror applies to warrantless physical searches as well.)
The Dubai ports deal – (smooth move, Ex-Lax)
No bid contract to a Chinese firm to scan incoming containers for nukes. (whaa?)
And, Oh yeah – a civil war in Iraq – well, not officially, but, you know, the administration is a little slow at acknowledging reality.

The president and congressional GOP’s poll numbers have been in a steady slide.
Yet, still, the Democrats (with a few exceptions – Feingold, for example.) can’t seem to get it together.

And I’m sure I left a bunch of stuff out.

Of course, Bush did get two conservative justices on the Supreme Court, which has touched off an abortion ban in South Dakota, and emboldened nutcases who consider not just plan B to be murder, but ANY form of contraception. (Hope all you pro-choice Republican’s enjoyed your tax cut – dumbasses! Didn’t think they’d actually do it, didja?)

Interesting times, I tell ya.


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