Friday, April 29, 2005

Food Pyramid Answer

Thanks for playing, everybody!
The Original Food Pyramid came out in 1992.
Michael got it right! A round of applause for Michael, everyone.

As for myself, I thought I remembered the pyramid from back when I was kid in the late 70s. (I'm 33 now.)
But, no, I grew up with the four food groups. I completely had a false memory. Only when reminded of the 4 food groups did I remember them. From asking people I know and the comments here, it's a pretty common memory thing. Something to keep in mind...
Anyway, I googled the four foods groups to see when that came out and found this article on the history of Nutritional Guidelines in the USA. (Woo hoo! Friday!!) It turns out that it's a pretty complicated history:

1894 - USDA first dietary standards - 5 food groups
1933 - family food plans - 12 food groups
1941 - first RDA
1942 - 7 - food groups
1946 - Recommended daily servings established
1956 - Basic 4
1977 - Dietary Goals established
1979 - 5th group added (foods to avoid or moderate)
1980 - Dietary Guidelines published
(Guidelines revised every 5 years until:)
1992 - Food Guide Pyramid
1996 - Revised Pyramid
2005 - New Pyramid

Well, goodnight all.


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