Friday, June 03, 2005

Second Choice Vanity Plates

I’ve been noticing that with all the cars on the road, many vanity plates are obviously not the driver’s first choice. Here’re some that I’ve seen lately.

BYOFUEL – on a Mercedes station wagon. I’m assuming that it’s fueled by biodesiel or straight vegetable oil. Obviously, they wanted BIO FUEL, but it must have been taken. What they have looks like it means, “Bring Your Own Fuel.”

XNXIRIE – I read this as “Xanax Irie” meaning that the driver’s irie feeling was much improved by a prescription anti-anxiety drug. What kind of poseur Rasta would take Xanax instead of ganja? Ironically, the car had a Trinidad and Tobago bumper sticker as well. Look, calypso ain’t exactly reggae, mon. I guess INI (“I an’ I”)was taken.

SOSOSWT – I guess this means “So So Sweet”, but at first glance, I translated it as “So So Sweat.” I can just see the succession of choices that led to it. The dude wanted SWEET, but that was taken, so he tried SWEEET and maybe even SWEEEET. All taken. So then he tried SOSWEET. Nope. So, he finally had to go with SOSOSWT. By the way, the car wasn’t that impressive. But, hey, who am I to judge?

PHD DAD – on a Miata convertible with a roll bar. This one isn’t really a second choice, just pathetic. Hey, buddy, could you possibly scream “mid-life crisis!” any louder?


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