Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Once again, the media has been successfully distracted...

Ok, so in the last debate, Bush said that he didn't think he said that he didn't care about finding Osama bin Laden. And yet, there's footage of him in March 2002 saying exactly that. A perfect, easy media moment to play... Show the tape of him at the debate, then show the March 2002 tape of him saying it... That's what the media did on Thursday, the day after the debate.

Suddenly, on Friday, it was all about Kerry mentioning that the Cheney's daughter is a lesbian. Which was no secret.

Same shit, all weekend. Oh, by the way, the Pentagon released more papers on Bush's National Guard "service" too.

Come Monday, still talking about Mary Cheney.

What the Fuck!?!

Well, I can't say that I'm really surprised, but I would've thought that at least The Daily Show would have done it on their Monday coming-back-from-a-week-off show, but they didn't.



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