Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Jesus $aves

I tried to shut off my cable today, and they wanted to know why.
I know how these guys are: whatever answer you give, they'll talk to you forever trying to get you to stay on. Too expensive? Try another plan. Moving? Can we offer you service in your new area? We pissed you off? How about some free pay-per-view coupons (valid Monday-Thursday)?

So I told him that I found Jesus and I don't want the Devil Box in my house anymore.

That's what I've decided I'm gonna do whenever anyone calls to sell me shit.

"Sorry, I don't need your service, I've found Jesus." - Ya can't argue with that.

Why not use irrational religiousity to my advantage?


Blogger artpoetryfiction said...

My dad's technique is to ask for their home # and offer to call them back when they are going to bed. Then he will be happy to explain in great detail.

1:06 AM  

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