Thursday, April 06, 2006

Back at Work

Hoo boy! Missing two days of work really sucks. There is so much catching up to do, it's not even funny. Then there's the stuff (some oddly misshipped merchandise that everyone's forgotten about) that sits around for literally a year, and the one day it comes up, is the day that the only one who knows the story on it (me) is out of the office. It never fails.

Then there's the stuff that sold 3 months worth on one order, so it looks like I haven't been paying attention and let the stock run down.

Oh, well.

I'll be throwing up an interesting post this evening after work. No time to goof off and post from work. (Well, ahem, except for this one...)

If I only had enough traffic to post an Open Thread, and actually get comments.....


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