Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Damn Immigrants!

As a native born Californian, I really resent all these immigrants invading my state. They come here, put their kids into our already overcrowded schools, strain our health care system, drive up the cost of housing, take all the good jobs, and crowd our freeways. They don’t even have the decency to adapt to our culture, insisting on bringing their culture with them. Look, if the place where you’re from is crappy, take a stand there and try to make it better. Don’t just flee to my state!

And the worst part of it all is that there’s nothing I can do about it... It's a free country! That’s right: I’m talking about people moving to California from the rest of the United States. I blame all the bastards moving here from Ohio and Minnesota and Buttcrack, Indiana for the declining quality of life in California. They come here and crowd our schools with a buncha mewling brats, crowd our freeways with their oversized trucks and SUVs and strain our healthcare system with their high-fat eatin’, drunk drivin’, tobacco-smoking selves.

And the jobs! Didja know that you can get guys from Oklahoma to do what used to be decent-paying office or IT jobs for a fraction of what they used to pay?!? The Mexicans didn’t take any of those jobs away, or drive the wages down. And, it sure as shit wasn’t the Mexicans that drove the median price for a home in California to over half a million dollars!

And, finally, you used to be able to get spicy Mexican food here. All these guys from out of state put an end to that. After years of having their white customers turning red and gasping about how HOT the food was, begging for glass after glass of water, all the Mexican restaurants have cut WAAAY back on their chili peppers. It’s ridiculous! If ya can’t stand the heat, get out of the state! By the way, water doesn’t do nothin’ for it, you need fat (milk) or alcohol (beer) to wash away the heat, dumbasses!

Anyway, to all you guys across the USA looking for a better life in California, stay the fuck out! We’re full. And if you do move here, don’t bitch about all the brown people speaking Spanish. It’s fucking California, fer chrissakes! Notice how just about every city here starts with “San” or “Santa.” That should be a fucking clue.


Blogger Cori said...

Viva la Raza!!!!!!

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