Monday, April 10, 2006

Right Wing Bumper Sticker

The other week when I was driving to the store, I saw this bumber sticker:


The guy didn't have the balls to actually stick it on the bumper, it was taped onto the inside back windshield. Fuckin' pussy-ass way to display a bumper sticker for anybody, if you ask me. Which you didn't - but you're reading my blog, so you're entitled to my opinion anyway.

Anyway, a couple of things occured to me:

The conflation of two typical right wing sentiments, Pro-Gun and Anti-Choice into one slogan really struck me as almost a parody of right wing inconsistancy. Also, whoever thought of the sticker must have really chuckled to himself ('cause you KNOW it had to be a man that came up with that one) at how damned clever he was! In fact, he thought he was soooo clever that he had to have 'em printed up. And, of course, the asshole who put it up in his car thought it was clever enough to go driving around with it on display for everyone to see how clever it was.

OK - First off - Pro Gun rights is one separate fucking subject from abortion, OK? One fucking subject per sticker, OK? One gun sticker, one abortion sticker. Responsible gun ownership is fine by me - but I do think that it's too damn easy for nutcases and criminals to get them, and I think some places - especially urban areas - are well within their rights to impose pretty tight restrictions on firearms. Gun laundering (where someone non-eligible for a gun uses a proxy to get one) is way too fucking easy in this country. And, let's face it, the gun manufacturers don't care who buys 'em. In fact, the more criminals are out there with guns, the more threatened the average law-abiding citizen feels, and voila! more gun sales all around! The gun manufacturers have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in public safety.

Now - Abortion. Real simple. If you are male, shut the fuck up! If you are female and against abortion, don't get one. I'm not saying that it isn't a tough moral choice for some people, but the fact is that most people in the country, and California in particular support a woman's right to choose.

So, here's my bumper sticker in response:


Anyway, I ended up passing the guy, 'cause I just HAD to see what the fuck he looked like. Ok, he was a young white dude in his early twenties, with a gelled-up-on-top, short-on the-sides haircut (by the way, I've never met anyone with that style of haircut that wasn't a total dick!) and a hands-free earpiece in.

I thought to myself, "HA! This guy's gonna change his tune REAL fast when he ends up knocking up some girl, probably one of his date rape victims!"


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